Wireless sensors for smart building

  • Open and private technology
  • Very long radio coverage
  • Optimized battery life

M2M Solutions and Low-Power IoT

Products of Enless Wireless allows you to effectively monitor the energy consumption of your buildings with Low-Power / Ultra Long Range products that are quick and easy to install. Wireless technologies such as Wireless M-Bus, Sigfox or LoRa are used. The sensors can be used for several targeted applications: temperature monitoring, hygrometry and air quality, meter reading or industrial applications.

Cut energy costs & improve comfort

  • Energy efficiency: Enless products have been designed and developed for BEMS applications
  • Comfort (Temp/Hum/CO2): monitor the comfort of building occupants with ambient transmitters
  • Smart metering: follow and control the energy consumption of (water, gas, electricity, etc.) of your building
  • Industrial applications: supervise and improve industrial processes with our Analog transmitters
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