Remote solutions

As the world leader in the Internet-based remote access area, eWON offers four solutions which have been built and optimized throughout more than 15 years experience. Let us take your business further and guide you from remote access to a far greater connected industrial world!

Remote access

Today, every machine builder recognizes the need to remotely access its machines and equipment in the field in order to drastically reduce maintenance costs and optimize customers machine uptime.

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Remote data

In addition to Remote Access, Remote Data provides advanced data services including data collection from remote sites and alarm management. This solution makes performance monitoring and proactive maintenance possible.

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Remote management

Remote Management is a turnkey solution designed for end-users/facility managers to monitor and control their industrial assets online and therefore allowing to take better operational decisions faster.

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Remote networks

This solution allows system integrators to establish secure industrial networks linking multiple remote sites to central control rooms through permanent VPN connections. Benefit from a seamless access to your remote sites data at any time.

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