Unlock new services with your machine data.

In addition to Remote Access, Remote Data provides advanced data services including data collection from remote sites and alarm management. This solution makes performance monitoring and proactive maintenance possible.

What does Remote Data allow you to do?

  • Gather time stamped machine data centrally (alarms, KPI, set point, consumption, etc.)
  • Use of create your own remote HMI
  • Collect data from the field to create added-value services
  • Access your machine remotely


Security is a core competency fully integrated at every level within the framework of our solutions. By implementing highly demanding security management system, regular security audits, and a comprehensive layered security strategy, Ewon ensures that its devices and IIoT Cloud Platforms will be secure today, tomorrow and every day that follows. Learn more about security audits.

Ewon Remote Data: the perfect choice for Data Services!

  • All major protocols embedded (incl. legacy) for data acquisition
  • Open and easy for third party integration
  • Multiple ways to acquire data
  • Capability of storing up to 1 million data points locally
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