Industrial Cyber Security

IRMA: Industry Risk Management Automation

Protect your industrial production environment against cyber risks with IRMA! Do you work with SCADA, cloud solutions or do you have to deal with IT / OT integration? A powerful security is a must-have for your company with the current threats. Because IRMA works with ‘machine learning technology’, irregularities are detected so that you can respond quickly to a cyber attack. This way you reduce the negative consequences that can be of great impact at the operational level. IRMA is equipped with real-time reporting, alarm management and is simple and quick to implement.

Radiflow: cyber security for the Industrial IoT

Radiflow is a leading provider of cyber security for critical infrastructure networks. The Radiflow solution provides operators visibility and control of their OT network; including both non-intrusive Industrial IDS to monitor real-time networks and security gateways to secure access to devices in critical zones.

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