Integration of production data

Automatically collect and store production data from your PLC- equipped machines into shop floor or cloud based systems for analysis to optimize assets and improve reliability, productivity and overall organizational efficiency.


uaGate is a series of gateways for connecting new and legacy PLC systems into OPC UA based management systems or MQTT based IoT cloud solutions.

  • Direct symbol import, thus avoiding any PLC programming
  • Easy setup of OPC UA Server for accessing PLC data
  • Web-based interface for gateway configuration


edgeGate is a gateway connecting devices in industrial networks with cloud applications. In addition to standard OPC UA and MQTT protocols, the gateway also integrates Microsoft’s Azure IoT OPC Proxy and Publisher components. This facilitates bidirectional and highly secure communication with Microsoft Azure IoT Suite Connected factory, and it reduces efforts for system integration and configuration to a minimum.


echocollect is an industrial multi-protocol gateway providing connectivity for over 50 PLC types to SQL databases, enterprise systems such as SCADA and MES, and cloud such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and IBM Bluemix.

echocollect offers bidirectional real-time connectivity integrating PLCs with SQL databases, direct OPC UA and OPC Classic connectivity, and cloud connectivity using MQTT.

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