Fieldbit Hero: over-the-shoulder coaching

Fieldbit Hero is an end-to-end interactive visual collaboration platform for field services. Hands-free, real-time augmented reality interactions between experts and field technicians boost first time fix rates and increase customer satisfaction.

Interactive collaboration platform

Fieldbit Hero is an interactive collaboration platform for field services, enabling the two-way exchange of live video, real-time augmented reality (AR) annotations, messaging and voice between experts and technicians in the field. The technician shares live video with the expert, who in turn augments the video with precise visual instructions that are superimposed on the technician’s field of view using AR and other techniques.

Ready-to-wear & cloud-based

Wearing commercially available smart glasses, field technicians interact with service center experts, while both hands are free to perform repairs. Fieldbit Hero is an end-to-end cloud-based platform designed for easy setup without any need for hardware or software installation. Just download the mobile app and you’re ready to go.

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