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Industrial Wireless solutions (ProSoft Technology)

ProSoft Technology Wireless Solutions

ProSoft Technology has a wide array of products to choose from including industrial cellular, 802.11 abgn
hotsposts and frequency hopping radios for long-distance applications.

802.11 Devices

ProSoft Technology’s 802.11n with Fast Roaming technology are the answer. This industrial radio is capable of RF
data transmission rates of up to 300Mbps. Our 802.11n industrial hotspot (RLX2-IHNF) is great for I/O Control
and video streaming applications. They also have a QoS feature that allows for data prioritization. With QoS you
can set different data transmission requirements for each of your I/O Control devices. In addition, they can be
setup in Virtual Area Networks (VLAN), allowing for network secure segmentation. With a VLAN, you can have
separate networks within your overall network.

Frequency Hopping Devices

Our Frequency Hopping industrial wireless solutions with Smart Switch technology are the answer. Our frequency
hopping radios provide up to 30 miles of point to point connectivity at 1.1 Mbps, and are the solution for outdoor
SCADA and other long distance functions. The radios provide virtual peer-to-peer packet switching and
networking optimization using advanced Smart Switch technology. Smart Switch technology makes your network
more efficient by determining which specific radio’s data needs to transmit at any given time.

Wireless I/O

If you need to wire I/O from point to point or between many points and want to avoid running long wires,
our Wireless I/O systems can help. These secure, reliable systems can be deployed quickly and allow
you to avoid trenching, conduit, and permits. The systems can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.
Three module types - Analog 0-10 V, Analog 4-20 mA, and Digital/Discrete - allow you to create the best setup
for your application. These systems are easily expandable to meet your future needs. Several antenna and cable
combinations are available, and the systems operate in a wide temperature range. Single power termination per station
saves you wiring time as well.

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