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Industriële Datacommunicatie en visualisatie producten

Raster Products vertegenwoordigt volgende merken:

Remote acces

Troubleshoot and program PLCs remotely.
View and control your remote HMI's.
Connect to a web camera for assistance.
Support field technicians for commissioning.


Remote management

Fieldbit empowers end users to resolve problems and
transforms your field services team into a league of Super Engineers,
by enabling hands-free real-time augmented reality (AR)
visual collaboration with remote experts on complex machinery fixes.


Remote data

Gather time stamped machine data centrally.
Use of create your own remote HMI.
Collect data from the field to create added-value services.
Access your machine remotely.



Pluto live report is a monitoring, dashboarding and reporting
software product for the smart building and the industrial
automatization markets. Simple and totally configurable,
Pluto enables to easily create applications


Remote management

Manage multiple sites, equipment and users.
Visualize data from remote installations.
Manage alarms and events.
Analyze trends and performance.


Remote management

Our software enables industrial communication. This entails
protocol stacks for fieldbuses and Industrial Ethernet, OPC
Toolkits, Servers and Middleware as well as configuration
tools and libraries..


Remote networks

Quickly set up a VPN-based extranet network.
Replace your legacy modem or radio solution and benefit
from the reliability of the Internet connectivity.
Interface your PLCs to your SCADA/supervision system.



Our mobile and stationary PROFIBUS and PROFINET diagnostic tools
adress the needs of maintenance personell.



With ACRON, you can bring all of the data and information of your plants
together efficiently and thus form the basis for well-founded evaluation
and analysis processes.


Interface cards

Our industrial communication interface cards connect computers to
fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet networks while our gateways
provide a vertical link between shop and top floor.



ThinManager offers centralized management solutions
for the modern factory & office by simplifying management
of applications and visual sources.


PLC Connectivity

Our PLC connectivity solutions consist of specific hardware components
and OPC software.


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