Course description

OPC UA Compact – efficient jump start for decision makers, technical leaders, and product managers

  • You are looking for a compact but well-founded introduction into OPC UA?
  • You want to evaluate the relevance of this new OPC technology for your company?
  • You already decided to adopt OPC UA but you are looking for the right time and the right means to get started?

The training course provides an overview of the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) and discusses the opportunities and advantages offered by the platform independent use of OPC UA components.


After describing the technological changes from DCOM OPC to first XML-DA and then OPC UA, the course presents new implementation concepts and explains the expected impact on the market. Participants also learn how to migrate from existing DCOM OPC products to OPC UA and find out about performance benchmarks and implementation aspects.The course ends with an overview of UA activities of the OPC Foundation and the latest OPC UA developments by companies. The question when and how to start with OPC UA will also be discussed in the last part of this training.

  • OPC UA – motivation, concept and significance
  • Presentation of base technologies (XML, SOAP, Web services, UA Binary, etc.)
  • Comparison between DCOM OPC and OPC UA
  • New implementation concepts in OPC UA
  • How to migrate from DCOM OPC to OPC UA
  • Current status of OPC UA activities (OPC Foundation, manufacturers, etc.)
  • Getting started with UA – make or buy


NL: Thursday april 25th.

BE: Friday april 26th.

Location NL: Raster Products, Dreumel, The Netherlands

Target group: The training is intended for decision makers, technical leaders, product and project managers.

Services: The price includes the training, course materials, certificate of participation from Softing, refreshments during breaks and lunch, and a copy of the book “OPC – From Data Access to Unified Architecture”

Price: € 595

Course reference: TRA-OPC-UA
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