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  • I/O Extender

    Netbiter I/O Extenders The Netbiter I/O Extender series is a collection of analog and discrete I/O modules with Modbus-RTU protocol communication. The modules are ideal for a wide variety of distributed I/O applications including data acquisition and control, process monitoring as well as test and measurement. Designed for industrial applications, the DIN rail mountable Netbiter I/O extenders can be connected in parallel with other Modbus equipment in a multi-drop installation topology. Meer info
  • Ultrasonic Tank Sensor

    Netbiter Ultrasonic Tank Sensor The Ultrasonic Tank Sensor is an accessory to the Netbiter remote management solution. It allows you to see the exact content level of your tanks in a regular web browser. You also get immediate alarms if the level is too low or if it drops too fast (theft or leakage). The Ultrasonic Tank Sensor is an easy-to-use solution for monitoring the content level of fuel tanks, water tanks, oil tanks etc. It is made exclusively for Netbiter by Pepperl & Fuchs and is mounted on top of a tank to give a very exact reading (<1% margin of error). It can be used on most tank types up to 2 meter’s height. Meer info
  • DC Power Monitor

    Netbiter DC Power Monitor The Netbiter DC Power Monitor is an add-on to the Netbiter remote management solution. It is an easy-to-use and inexpensive solution for monitoring power and temperature in your installation. It is ideal for a wide variety of applications working with DC power, such as Base Transceiver Stations, renewable energy and uninterrupted power supply (UPS), in order to verify the effect of energy saving measures. The Netbiter Power Monitor is a great tool for increasing energy awareness and reducing energy costs. Meer info
  • Antenna 3G/GPS+ cable

    Antenna 3G/GPS+ cable Meer info
  • Antenna 3G +cable

    Antenna 3G/GPS+ cable Meer info

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5 artikel(en)

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